About Huizens Fabriek


We started our small family business back in 2005. We operate the business from our smallholding. We are situated in Bashewa which is an Agricultural area in Garsfontein, Pretoria East.

As Wessie has a passion for all dairy-related products, specifically cheese, we thought it a good idea to start a small family business. We experimented with a few products like Cheese Spread, Goat milk Cheeses, Condensed milk, Caramel, Amarula, non-alcoholic Sorghum drinks, Danish Feta, Drinking Yogurt and Yogurts. We ended up with mainly a few products which we are still manufacturing.
We have 2 employees who help in the factory. We are proud to supply these families with an income.
Our markets are the housewives, guesthouses, restaurants, food markets, venues, and everyone that comes across our product, try it, love it and buy it.
Word-by-mouth is our biggest advertisement. We have delicious products. Our customers only have to try it once to love it. We really like to do business in our community, as customers become friends, and friends also become customers.
Our aim is to supply above-average quality products directly to the public. Because we manufacture and supply we cut out the middleman. You benefit because you get an awesome product at a very affordable price.
We trust that you will order and use our products and in such a way also become a loyal customer and friend.
Antoinette and Wessie